Research And Development of Basic Automotive Tools

Research And Development

Bruide is committed to innovate more quality products through the continuous efforts of research and investment by the auto tool kit R&D team.

Innovations In Types of Car Tools

Bruide has the ability to assist our customers in developing new auto tool kits. Tell us about your challenges, we'll listen to your ideas, and we can work together to achieve mutual goals. Our expertise and technology can help you get your automotive tool kit to market faster than you think.

Innovations In Automotive Specialty Tools

Innovations In Automotive Specialty Tools

New product development is an important component of our manufacturing system, strictly adhering to all aspects of our quality policy. During the cooperation, we guarantee strict confidentiality and protect our customers' intellectual property. Your product team representative can establish a confidentiality agreement if needed.

Discussion of Basic Automotive Tools


Bruide organizes regular learning and communication of technician to continuously improve the quality of our auto tool kits, through innovative thinking, research and development of new products.

Design And Drafting of Professional Automotive Tools

Design And Drafting

Through in-depth customer communication, understanding customer needs, and confirming the product appearance and functional details with customers before delivery, to achieve efficient and high quality cooperation.

3D Modeling of Auto Service Tools

3D Modeling

Change the confirmed design drafting into a 3D model with the computer software.

Sample Testing of Car Care Tools

Sample Testing

Make samples and test if the sample's performance is qualified.

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