19 Pcs Wheel Hub Bearing Unit 62, 66, 72mm

Bruide B-2036 compact wheel hub bearing unit allows to install GEN2 bearing unit in the car without damaging other parts of the car. Bruide auto tool manufacturer uses high quality materials to produce this kit, so it has a long life and is highly functional.

Wheel Hub Bearing Unit Tool Set Description

  • This tool set for compact wheel bearings is also designed to install GEN2 bearings in Audi, Seat, Skoda and Volkswagen without damage.

  • These tools will allow you to work without removing the hub or spacer. This will save a lot of time, so this set of tools is useful in any automotive shop.

  • These tools are made of high quality materials and are built to last. The kit comes in an impact resistant case for easy storage and transport.

Wheel Hub Bearing Unit Tool Set Feature

  • The wheel hub and bearing blocks provided are interchangeable and universal, with varying diameters of 62, 66, and 72 mm. This makes them applicable across a broad spectrum of vehicles, for removing and replacing wheel bearings and hubs.

  • Their efficiency saves both time and money in the process of swapping out wheel bearings.

  • They are crafted from robust steel and coated with an anti-corrosion shield, ensuring their durability.

  • For ease of transportation, they come packaged in a compact and organized case.

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