16pcs Wheel Lock Removal Tool Kit Metric Locking Lug Nut Master Key Set

Bruide B-2192 is a set of double hex-headed, hex and tuner-style key kits, that can be used on spline, star, hex, and fluted hex fasteners.

Locking Lug Nut Master Key Set Applications

  • The kit for removing master wheel-locks is comprised of 16 unique keys tailored to accommodate both factory and aftermarket wheel-lock nuts.

  • Every key is purposefully fashioned for effortless removal of locking lug nuts.

  • Furthermore, the keys are labeled with size markings which have been engraved by lasers, thereby simplifying identification.

  • To ensure organization and convenience, an accompanying storage case is included. The set contains 8 spline sizes, 4 star sizes, and 4 high-tech hex sizes.

Locking Lug Nut Master Key Set Specifications

Set include 8 Pieces Spline, 4 pieces star lug and 4 pieces high tech hex lug.

8 PCS spline:  12 spline 13/16,  12 spline 11/16,

7 spline ¾,  7 spline 5/8,  7 spline 11/16,

6 spline 41/64,  6 spline 45/64,

5 spline 5/8

4 PCS Star Lug: 10 point ½,

8 point 5/8,  8 point 7/16,

9 point ½) &

4 PCS High Tech Hex Lug (15mm, 9/16, 12mm, Fluted 12mm)

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